Matrix Bot for the reMarkable eInk Tablet

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I own a reMarkable 2 (referral link) eInk tablet. It’s pretty nice (except lately the manufacturer has tacked on a subscription service). And it can send documents as PDFs via email. But unlike the Kindle, you cannot send documents to the tablet via email. Well, there exists a third party service.

I saw someone post on reddit that they wrote a Telegram bot that can be used to upload documents to their reMarkable. That sounded interesting, but I’m partial to Matrix.

As I examined their bot closer, I noted it was also written using node.js. I prefer Go, and especially on the reMarkable it’s much easier to deploy a self-contained go binary than node.js + libraries + app.

So I ended up writing reMarkable Matrix. To deploy you need to copy the binary and config file to the tablet (easy, it’s quite open and comes with SSHd by default). Then you start the bot, open a chat to it and send files. The bot will put the files in the correct place and restart xochitl so that the documents become available. You can also shutdown the bot in case you’re afraid it uses up a lot of battery (I haven’t measured).

There’s a lot left to improve, but it works. And it can be seen as an example for a bot to control something totally different using Matrix.