Roborock S6 Pure Troubleshooting

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We have a Roborock S6 Pure robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s very nice having a device that more or less cleans the floors by itself. When it works. Ours stopped working a week ago, after working well for months.

The device didn’t respond to commands and the power indicator kept blinking. I didn’t find a description for blinking power indicator in the manual. I did perform various troubleshooting steps:

  • Power off by holding power button for a long time
  • Reset via reset button
  • Factory reset via home + reset buttons

Customer support suggested the steps I had already taken. And also the following:

  • Clean charging contacts
  • Unplug charging station for a while to reset it
  • Ensure properly charged (the device didn’t indicate charging normally)

The only solution left according to customer support was to return it for warranty repair. I still tried one trick and it worked.

Usually the device empties its battery in a couple of hours even when not cleaning if it isn’t charging. So I left it to discharge the battery. But this malfunction must’ve put it in some lower power state, because it took days. Just when I was about to give up and take it to repair, the battery was depleted. After setting it to charge it performed a factory reset when turned on and worked!

Hopefully documenting this will end up helping someone else.